Toxic Tuesday: Justice Served Super-Sized for Children’s Sake


Dear readers,

This is real life and reality isn’t always pretty with bright sunny days, snuggly soft puppy dogs and beautifully spoken words. Sometimes life is unbearable and the content of today’s post qualifies for the later. I’m warning you in advance that some of the content is heavy and ugly.

Remember all the past posts where we prayed for justice in the lives of little children who had been sexually victimized by predators.

Good news: One down—more to go.

Prayer matters and the prayers and scriptures you prayed with me will make an eternal difference in the lives of precious little children who attend church every week with their families and who will never find the ill fortune of becoming the victim of one specific predator.

I’ll never tire of thanking God for this answered prayer.

This offender received a life sentence under Jessica’s Law with no possibility of parole for 25 years.

Jessica’s law requires a mandatory minimum sentence of 25 years in prison and lifetime electronic monitoring of adults convicted of lewd or lascivious molestation against a victim less than 12 years old. The statute also requires that if an offender is sentenced to a term of years, he or she must be given lifetime probation following the imprisonment. This law is to keep offenders who seek employment in places of authority and with access to children; such as coaches, teachers and clergy members from regaining access to victims.

The sad and frustrating side to this ruling is about the wife and her family, along with some church members, who each believe with all their heart that this man is innocent. I can only imagine how their heart’s break. If only they could understand the truth of the man’s history; that predates their relationship with him. Then they could walk away, pick up their lives, and seek understanding and healing for the deep blindness and betrayal with which Satan has oppressed them.

We may not have the ability to change the world by eliminating pornography and locking up all the molesters and pedophilic offenders, but we can make the church a better place by praying offenders into prison one by one. Keep praying!

Here are a few of the facts and testimonies from court: I refuse to post certain words on my blog; therefore, I replaced the words with blanks.

-Facts: Physical evidence was presented to the jury.
-Testimony of child: He touched my _____and _____while in the classroom during a Wednesday night children’s class.
-Testimony of Ginger Hill, outpatient therapist at Four County Mental Health Center: The defendant described to child what Jesus would do and say when he returned. And acted out Jesus touching people upon his return; touching the boy on his _____and ______.
-Two women employed by the Child Advocacy Center, Vicki Speer and Erika Rider, both testified they did forensic interviews,“The defendent touched them in areas that were inappropriate.”
-Victim told the jury the defendant ___________________ during a 2009 Wednesday night children’s class. The child said the incident took place in the bathroom while he was a part of a Wednesday night children’s class. The child identified the defendant, “He was the preacher at our church. He taught a class. He touched my ___________. He put his ___________________in the bathroom at the church.” He said he was off the stool at the time it happened.
-The mother of the child testified her child told her when,“We were at home, lying down and he said,‘I love momma, I love daddy, I love ______’” She questioned,“You love _____?”
“Yes,” the child replied,“But tell him to quit ______________________because it hurts.” That was in late February 2010.
-It was on Nov. 11, 2009  when the defendant stopped teaching the adult class. He then started teaching the children’s class that contained children from age 2 – age 5 alone. [i]
-Two separate children’s testimonies, who did not know each other, corroborated what happened to them at separate times by the same man.

I must stop and ask; what man wants to be alone with little children and have to take care of changing dirty diapers? And what man with a history of sexual abuse allegations against children would ever put himself in such a situation? A man who had lost his own parental rights to his only child. And what church would allow it?

But that’s not all.

He was alone in a classroom which had no windows and according to court records he locked the door while the children were in the class. He was also alone with one of the victims in the boys’ bathroom.[ii]

He was alone doing unthinkable things while describing to the children what Jesus would do and say when he returned while acting out what would happen. He (Jesus), “Would touch people upon his return.”[iii]

The mother of one of the victims discovered an “awfully quiet” classroom one Wednesday night. “She went to the door of the classroom and it was locked.” “I knocked three times on the door. It took the defendant several minutes to come to the door and he would only open it enough that I could see him. He said the children were working on a craft and it was a surprise for the parents.” “I never saw any crafts that were being worked on,” she told the court.[iv]

Read the Topeka Capital Journal: Former Kansan Sentenced to Life in Prison Under Jessica’s Law

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[i] Allen Smith, “Children testify about alleged abuse by former Independence pastor”,Independence Daily Reporter, June 3, 2014

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[iv] Smith, “Children testify about alleged abuse by former Independence pastor”

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