Man sentenced to life in prison under Jessica’s Law

church protect children

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It is sad when kind-hearted people remain hoodwinked by smooth talking grandiose actors but it can happen to anyone; I know from experience.

This is about a pastor who was found guilty of aggravated criminal sodomy of a three year old and received a life sentence without the possibility of parole for at least 25 years under Jessica’s Law on August 22, 2014.

The church must begin believing the children!

This below letter was shared by someone the pastor traveled internationally with while working in orphanages and preaching the gospel. The letter was circulated in the evangelistic association’s newsletter to their supporters and evangelists worldwide (I believe they will answer for their ill response to protect the little children. Also, please note that the association did not tell their supporters the alleged crimes and charges for which the pastor was sitting in jail.):

“In past years you have read of Evangelist S in our newsletters. S joined our team of overseas evangelists several years back and served honorably and successfully winning many souls to Christ. S was not full time, he was part time. His full time service was as the minister of a sister church where he preached and was loved by that congregation for over 6 years.

One year and a half ago S was suddenly arrested and jailed in Independence and he has remained in jail ever since. Many of us are grieved because we believe S is 100% innocent of the charge that has been made against him. We are asking all Christians to pray for Evangelist S. He is your brother in Christ. He was baptized as a boy by __________ at the __________Church_________, where his father and mother were among the founding members of that church. S was also ordained to the ministry by the Elders of the church after graduating from Bible College.

S’s trial will take place at the courthouse, in the county where he served his congregation, the first week of August. Several of us who live in the area and surrounding towns plan to be present for the trial and will be in constant prayer that God will lead the Defense Attorney to accurately present S’s side of the story. Please pray for S, pray for his wife, pray for the Judge and for each member of the jury. Pray that S may be acquitted so he can continue his effective work as an overseas evangelist.

Thinking about the Apostle Paul.

During S’s incarceration I have often written to him and he has written many letters to me. Receiving a letter from S in jail is very similar to reading Paul’s Prison Epistles in the New Testament. I want to  share with you one of S’s letters:”

‘Dear Friends,

Thank you for the wonderful and encouraging letter I received from you. I so much appreciate the news of our evangelists’ work around the world. I am keeping these in my thoughts and prayers—and hope to join you in the work again soon.

How could I possibly express how thankful I am to both of you for watching out for, comforting, and encouraging my wife through these terribly difficult times? May an abundance of grace be credited to your account. (Philippians 4:16-18).

Jail has exposed me to men who have engaged in the worst of all behaviors. Many brag about their addictions to drugs and sex—the most lewd descriptions I have been forced to hear. It is sickening to hear it day after day. The word to best describe it is TORTURE!

The good news is that one-by-one, they have come to me and asked questions about the Bible. There are moments of shame and despair. I pray throughout the day for all of them—for the Lord to reach their hearts.

One man, convinced that “all men are equal,” (not believing that anyone was better than him) he reacted violently toward me when I said, “Yes, I believe there are some who are better than others.” I used examples like Noah and Job and Enoch and Elijah. He nearly hit me he was so angry, he said that I was Satanic. Then after telling him that I loved him, I left the room. Later that day, I handed him a Bible reference…”Consider others more important than yourselves…” (Philippians 3:2). It amazes me how so many do not esteem others beyond themselves. Needless to say, there is little to no respect for authority.

I have always had “heroes in the faith”. These men refuse to consider anyone as being better than themselves. While I understand that “all have sinned” and “all need the Savior”, there are many who are “walking ina manner worthy of their calling.” We are to “Give honor to whom honor is due.” These are foreign concepts; they demand respect, but often forget to give it.

The hardships are discouraging, and sometimes I lose hope—but my faith is strong. I cannot deny the Lord’s word, nor can I deny His faithfulness.

Thank you again for all you are doing to help us in this difficult situation. I believe the Lord will deliver me home and restore my joy.

I love you both beyond words, S, Psalm 103’


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