Toxic Tuesday: Ten Toxic Traits

Pride vs Humility

This is straight-forward. The below article describes how the traits of legalism, hypocrisy, guilt trips, nitpicking, maligned motives, guilt by association, ridicule, flattery, intimidation and pressure, and gossip look in a real life setting.

I’m referring to traits of people in the church; not the world. Ouch!

Unfortunately, I can recall times in my life when I participated in some of these sins. I hope you cannot say the same, and I pray you are not on the receiving end of these weapons. Talk about unneeded stress!

May the scriptures taught in this article jolt all of us awake to the finished work of Christ on the cross; His love, His mercy, His forgiveness, His ways.

I urge you to read through these one at a time; asking God to show you any truth He wants to teach you, any area He wants to clean, any healing He wants to offer. He is able; and best of all, He is tender!

Enjoy;  but more importantly, apply this quick read: Simple Concepts of Practical Equipping: Ten Toxic Traits.

Toxic Tuesday biochem hazard small

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