Happy Hour: 10/15/2015

HAPPY HOUR, THURSDAYS, AT 5:00 P.M.—Kick back after a hard day’s work and enjoy the intoxicating goodness of true Love and Wisdom. The GiveMe Chocolate ‘Bar’ won’t put a dent in your wallet!

Michelle Teague collage

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Prayed for so many this morning…will be continuing though out the day as I usually try to do…for the hurting, for the ones hurting for someone else who is hurting, for parents of sick children and for some who simply want to be parents, for several people who are mourning losses, for those who are overwhelmed, for those who are stressed, for those who have no idea what is going on, and those who do and can’t figure out how to deal with it, for so many young people who have questions about their future, and everyone else who is doing the same no matter what their age.

We live in a fallen world with fallen people, BUT we have a God who sits on THE Throne and is good, loving, caring and PRESENT in our troubles.  I pray today that we look up to the Heavens and say, “Yes” and “Amen” to all He is and all He has for us in this day. Even in the yucky times, and the good…He is right beside us…and right beside those we love and care for.

Father God, please bring Your Peace, Lovingkindness, Insight, Understanding, Rest, Tender NEW Mercies, Grace, Provision, and Protection into the lives of all who read this and everyone they love so dearly today. Lord, bring Your overwhelming Peace and Abundant Joy to us and over us! Be our Light and fill us with Your Truth in all we do today.  🙂

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ 

“He Is With You”

There’s a time to live
And a time to die
There’s a time to laugh
And a time to cry
There’s a time for war
And a time for peace
There’s a hand to hold
In the worst of theseHe is with you when your faith is dead
And you can’t even get out of bed
Or your husband doesn’t kiss you anymore
He is with you when your baby’s gone
And your house is still, and your heart’s a stone
Cryin’ God, what’d You do that for
He is with you

There’s a time for yes
And a time for no
There’s a time to be angry
And a time to let it go
There is a time to run
And a time to face it
There is love to see you
Through all of this

He is with you in the conference room
When the world is coming down on you
And your wife and kids don’t know you anymore
He is with you in the ICU
When the doctors don’t know what to do
And it scares you to the core
He is with you

We may weep for a time
But joy will come in the morning
The morning light

He is with you when your kids are grown
When there’s too much space and you feel alone
And you’re worried if you got it right or wrong
Yes He is with you when you’ve given up
On ever finding your true love
Someone who feels like home
He is with you

When nothing else is left
And you take your final breath
He is with you

Jer 6 16 stand at the crossroads wpcom



Writer, wife, imperfect home schooling mom to 3 amazing humans. Writing about lessons learned from surviving 100% of my worst days. Educating the church about domestic violence & abuse in their midst. Advocating for abused women living in, or leaving destructive marriages. Living an A.I.P. lifestyle. St. Louis Cardinals fanatic. Dog lover, Football fan.

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