Happy Hour: 10/29/2015

HAPPY HOUR, THURSDAYS, AT 5:00 P.M.—Kick back after a hard day’s work and enjoy the intoxicating goodness of true Love and Wisdom. The GiveMe Chocolate ‘Bar’ won’t put a dent in your wallet!

Michelle Teague collage

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Thinking and praying about death this morning… actually not in a morbid way… just praying over some people who are dealing with it, in a couple of different, and extremely difficult, situations. Breaks my heart to see the pain of loss, and even possible loss. As I was praying this morning… I sensed the Lord’s Presence…I saw Him placing His hands on some hearts…asking His Father for things in prayer…leaning over…hugging and giving each one what they needed for that moment… Some people seemed to “know” He had done something…and others did not. However, in each case…He was right there…closer than their breath. Our Creator cares about His Creation…His Children. I can’t imagine being in some of the moments these precious ones are dealing with and enduring…But I have seen The One Who knows all…cares beyond anything we can truly comprehend…His Love…His Heart is for us…He is with us in ALL storms…

‪#‎Heisgood ‪#‎TrueHopeinHim ‪#‎leaningonHisEverlastingArms

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Jer 6 16 stand at the crossroads wpcom



Writer, wife, imperfect home schooling mom to 3 amazing humans. Writing about lessons learned from surviving 100% of my worst days. Educating the church about domestic violence & abuse in their midst. Advocating for abused women living in, or leaving destructive marriages. Living an A.I.P. lifestyle. St. Louis Cardinals fanatic. Dog lover, Football fan.

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