P R A Y E R acronym

Now that I have composed myself and can see through my tear filled eyes I want to give you an update on a court case you, my GiveMe Chocolate readers, prayed for on multiple occasions two years ago.

Last month the Kansas Court of Appeals heard the case regarding my former husband who was convicted for sex crimes against children. If I understood correctly he appealed on the grounds that there was a serious error of law, or that the evidence did not support the verdict in his criminal trial.

On March 15, 2016 his appeal was heard before the Kansas Appellate Court. I was told it could take 3-6 months for the opinion to come back; perhaps longer, but the judgment came in much earlier; April 22, 2016.

I’ve always been confident of the answer God gave me years ago regarding the finality of the arrest and pending conviction. Yet, I have to admit I think my faith skipped a beat when I saw my email inbox today with the memo: “Butler case,” because I literally gasped and felt sick to my stomach at the same time. Then I reminded myself that it was a done deal and opened the email from the Victim/Witness Coordinator.



On April 22nd, the Kansas Court of Appeals affirmed the convictions.


Then the big, heavy duty, steaming hot, grateful heart, broken heart—for the little children, thankful sobs fell like a thunderstorm. My poor boys felt helpless as they watched and heard their mom bawl. I had to tell them I was fine, that my tears were happy tears on top of years of sad tears as I repeated at least ten times, “Thank you, God.”

I’m still crying grateful tears. So if you see me this week and I randomly start crying; I’m okay. I’m grateful.

Now that the appeals process is over I can publicly publish my writings from the time of the trail. I will release one a day for the next few days, starting tomorrow.

Between the time of the conviction and the time of the appeal the defendant managed to commit two crimes while in prison; one of which was a felony.



3 thoughts on “Appeal: Conviction Upheld!

  1. Our Lord has been faithful to answer your prayers on behalf of his little ones. I pray that He will continue to bring you healing, along with the many others who continue to deal with the aftermath of this person’s sinful actions.


  2. God bless you! Your story is such an inspiration to me and other “survivors” of abuse. It gives me hope that perhaps justice will be served here in St. Charles County and everything upheld as well. I am right in the middle of it now and fighting for the young ones around me and for their voices to be heard. THANK YOU FOR SHARING YOUR STORY.


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