Phone Calls Needed to Stop MO HB229

I need help making phone calls today (Phone #s at the bottom of list).

OFTEN, men ask for 50/50 custody in divorce court so they can get out of paying child and spousal support. The problem is, most of the dads don’t show up and take the children 50% of the time leaving the mom to foot the bill. Rarely do women have the money to modify the arrangement in court. Also, the women are glad to have the children; especially since many of them were trying to get their children away from a physically, sexually, or verbally abusive father. This bill does not take into account abusive fathers. It starts with the assumption all fathers are safe. Women will have to spend months or years proving abuse while the children continue spending time alone with their abuser; often times against the child’s wishes and safety.

HB229 is on the bullet train to the Senate Floor. It has been assigned to the Senate Committee for Seniors, Families and Children. The members of this committee need to hear opposition to this bill. It is likely there has been absolutely none up to this point. Often the elected in the capitol only consider the information that is put right in front of them and don’t look deeper.

Click to access 0808H.02C.pdf

This bill mandates that all custody arrangements begin with a 50/50 split between parents.

Missouri Statutes already give judges the ability to decide a 50/50 custody arrangement if the situation warrants. And judges already start at this point in deciding custody in most cases.

The reason judges have for so long started at this point in custody decisions is because they have been creating a scenario where they can reduce child support for women, giving the fathers a financial break. That is the catalyst behind this bill. It’s about money, not about custody or the best interests to children.

Mandating this arrangement in the statute is redundant and only furthers an agenda that is anti mother, anti traditional family values.

More than 25% of women/children across the country go on some type of welfare/government aid after divorce. Bills like this one and HB 194/SB 307 will further send divorced women on to government aid if these bills are passed.

Please contact the members of this senate committee and tell them to kill this bill. Share your stories. Ask them to focus on keeping judges interpreting existing statutes instead of creating more statutes.

Here is the quickest way to email all of them at once instead of filling out contact forms for each senator:

OR contact them individually with the below phone numbers/web addresses:

Chairman David Sater: (573) 751-1480

Vice Chair Cindy O’Laughlin: (573) 751-7985

Andrew Koenig: (573) 751-5568

Karla May: (573) 751-3599

Jeanie Riddle: (573) 751-2757

Gary Romine (573) 751-4008

Jill Schupp (573) 751-9762

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