The Abuse Survivor’s 23rd Psalm

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The Lord is my Light, setting right my confusion. He makes me understand what is right and what is wrong. He leads me to uncover the gas-lighting of my abuser. He restores my dignity. He leads me in an understanding of holiness for the sake of His glory. Yes, though I walk through the dangers of laying aside my walls, coping mechanisms, and survival skills that brought me comfort and aided my survival, I will not fear trusting the Lord; for God is trustworthy and perfect in all His ways. Your Spirit and your Book, they reassure me. You have prepared the way of healing before me in the presence of my abuser; You anoint my mind with truth, my healing overflows! Surely truth and dignity shall fill me all the days of my life and I shall sit at the feet of my Redeemer forever!

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Advocate for abused women #ForSuchATimeAsThisRally

For far too long, women have suffered silently and ashamed in many church environments.
The Southern Baptist Convention (SBC) has a poor track record in its treatment of women.
Women have been fired from SBC seminaries simply because they are women.
Women have been told to stay in marriages in which they are being abused.
Women have been told that they must suffer rather than divorce.
Women have been told that they are at fault for being raped.
Women have been disciplined in Southern Baptist seminaries as a result of being raped.
Men who have spoken out against this treatment of women have been castigated.

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