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DIY Mini Utensil Set

Mini Utensil Sets


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Okay—it isn’t completely DIY. You won’t need your own foundry to forge the utensils but since you will not find a mini utensil set/holder/crock in the stores; I will show you how spectacularly charming, efficient and necessary this set is to the everyday functioning of your kitchen.

Several years ago for my birthday my mom gave me the red tea cup filled with multiple measuring spoons. I am a stay-at-home mom who usually cooks a homemade meal every night of the week; plus breakfast, lunch and quite a bit of baking. Mom knew I would love the splash of red in my kitchen (everyone needs a splash of red even if their kitchen isn’t red) and the extra measuring spoons are time saving because I don’t have to stop, wash, and rinse spoons in the middle of meal preparations. DSCN3335

I immediately added a variety of utensils to my cup and have used the set every day since; so have my kids. We whisk eggs, stir pancake batter, spread jams, measure,  scrape bowls and jars, flip small pancakes, bake cookies, remove hot items from the toaster oven, squeeze the last flavor from tea bags and much more. Our kitchen would not function well without the cup which sits on top of our toaster oven in a centralized location. I am all about function; pretty—decorative function!

The tea cups with the front tea bag pockets are difficult to find and Ebay has been my only success over the last few years. I like the pocket for the Smidgen/Pinch/Dash measuring spoons.

DSCN3337 DSCN3336

Here are my favorite places for finding miniature utensils. I order in quantity for future bridal showers and birthday gifts which saves on shipping costs. This is my favorite gift to give at Bridal Showers because it is almost guaranteed the bride does not have a mini utensil set.

You will need a short squatty type tea cup, soup mug, or creamer for the utensils to be visible and the side of the cup needs to go somewhat straight up; not curved out like a bowl or expensive China tea/coffee cup.

Honey Dipper

Honey Dippers: Best prices for multiples (6 inch) https://www.etsy.com/listing/114462014/assorted-wooden-honey-dipper-you-choose?ref=sr_gallery_5&ga_search_query=honey+dipper&ga_ref=auto6&ga_order=price_asc&ga_page=1&ga_search_type=all&ga_view_type=gallery

These utensils can be found at http://www.amazon.com/

Mini Condiment Spoons
Mini Wooden Condiment Spoons







Measuring Spoons
Heart Measuring Spoons. Left: Expensive. Right: Inexpensive.









Mini Whisks. Left: Individual. Right: Set of 4

The below utensils can be found at Main Street Marketplace – This is a local store located on Main Street in historic St. Charles, Missouri. Best prices except for the heart spoons http://www.mainstreetmarketplace.com/

Smidgen/Pinch/Dash Measuring Spoons
Smidgen/Pinch/Dash Measuring Spoons
Miniature Whisks – Left: Individually sold. Right: Set of 4
Mini Flipper/Turner
Honey Dipper
Mini Toaster Tongs
Mini Scoop
Dozens of Cheese Knives/Appetizer Spreaders
Mini Condiment Spoons: Curved Handle spoon only. The other 2 are from Amazon.com
Tomato Corer
Citrus Zester



Tea Bag Squeezer/Toaster Tongs